• Cast

The main characters in the film are Buddy De young (“Zooman”) and Carrie Cramer (“Big Cat Carrie”). Buddy and Carrie are their real names, as all characters in the film are real characters, filmed in real time. Nothing in this film was staged, nothing was acted or dramatized. Other characters are (in order of appearance): Becky DeYoung, Brad DeYoung, Peggy DeYoung, Tom Brock, BJ Williams, Dale Mundt, Damion Hanson, Jacob Kramer, Grand Vandermusin, Graig Wangerin, Jim Grosso, Shelley Kontved, Brat Gagnon, Rae Jean Gagnon, Paul Tawel Dzedzic, Mike Fermanich, Pat Fermanich, Robert Axtell, Jacob Wangerin, Dave Kakuk, Alley Khese, Hayden Gagnon, Emil Doerr, Patrick Doerr, Krisey Eland.