• Composing Zooman

“Right off I was struck by the raw approach of the film and fascinated by Buddy and Carrie. The stark contrasts within them individually and in their life made them compelling material to the lyrics. After getting the lyrics down, the music came easily. When I had enough material to work with I asked some musician friends to accompany me and formed the Zooman Band. Melvin Wevers, guitar, wrote a lot of beautiful riffs and had a big part in sound and mixing. Peter Akkerman played double and electric bass. Aram Haagsman brought his vintage drum kit and pots and pins to the studio to create some very cool percussion sounds. Jelte Herings brought in texturizing harmonium sounds and spacey casio sounds that add a haunting presence to the songs. With my music I have tried to capture the personality and lives of Buddy and Carrie. Yet I am aware that some of my own must have sneaked in somewhere along the way. There was no way to escape that, I guess. Like Buddy I also live a life that is somewhat uncertain; we both have No Fixed Route, and we like it that way.”