• Director

“From the first moment I visited the zoo I was mesmerized by this surreal place in the woods of middle of no-where Upper Michigan. Where in the world do you get to hold a baby tiger and feed a lion or bear cub? Where do you get to take a little wolf or mountain lion for a walk on a leash? Little wonder that my children wanted to go there every week. Observing Buddy and Carrie on my multiple visits, I became aware what an amazing story was unfolding here day-by-day. The zoo is a living example of how with sheer passion and dedication one is able to create something truly amazing out of practically nothing. Buddy is a vivid reminder of how resourceful we humans can be.”

In 2005 Rolf left behind his cosmopolitan life in Europe for a life closer to the rhythm of nature. Drawn by the land and the spirit of the Anishnabe (Native Americans) he retreated with his wife and tree little children into the remote woods of Upper Michigan. Away from the world as he knew it, the ideas for films began to take shape. Zooman was one. Rolf made ZOOMAN completely independently: he produced, directed, filmed and edited the rough cut. He is currently working in London, finalizing his second feature film, ‘Down to Earth’ on the wisdom of the indigenous Earth Keepers around the world, which he is making together with his partner Renata Heinen.