• Reality

Over the years the inhabitants of Buddy’s Zoo became more numerous, more exotic and more dangerous. His first wife initially supported the zoo idea but finally threatened to leave him if he ever tried to rase another tiger in their house. It took fore more tigers before she left. As we start filming, Buddy’s dream has materialized beyond imagination: Over 400 animals on a 40-acre plot. The Zoo, run only by Buddy and his fiance Carrie, is a product of sheer passion, sweat and not much else. Carrie joined Buddy a few years before filming began, but it is like she has always been there. Only half his age, Carrie is ambitious and headstrong – a match for Buddy in every way. Between the two they do everything: build exhibits, feed and clean the animals, guide tours and slaughter cows to feed their carnivores. Their home is a nursery for baby animals, where cats and dogs fight with monkeys and tiger cubs for a place at the dinner table.